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Marla loves to visit schools and share her positive message with the students! See Events for Author Visit Schedule!


School/Teacher Testimonial 

 “Thanks again for coming to Winkler. You were very well received from both students and parents! Several of the teachers said you were humble and related well with the kids. One student asked,”Can Marla McKenna be our substitute teacher? She’s so cool!” Today was a special day for me 🙂 I have a student who works with me because reading is difficult for her. We read a biography about a girl in India who invented a washing machine that doesn’t run on electricity. In the story, many people told her not to pursue her dreams of inventing… But she didn’t stop. And eventually created a washing machine that runs by pedaling.This student stated, “This reminds me of the author, Marla McKenna, that came to our school. She didn’t stop tyring to get her book published. I know that I can reach my goals because I’m not a quitter, and now I have two examples of people that got their dreams because they didn’t quit.”Super powerful! Thank you for making a difference. My student believes in herself, in great part to you. THANK YOU! :)”


Mom’s Big Catch presentation is about 45 minutes and geared toward specific grade levels K – 5/6 keeping the group sizes around 75-100 students or smaller. The presentations include:

  • Introduction – Marla’s background and how Mom’s Big Catch was inspired by (a day at the ballpark), how partial proceeds matched by Rick Springfield go to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation – Give a Dog a Home – teaching the importance of giving back to the community

  • Reading the Book

  • Formulating ideas – building characters, adding action and emotion

  • Editing Process – first draft, revising drafts, peer editing, final draft

  • Illustrating Process – types of illustrations, working with graphic design

  • Finalizing the Book – cover design and layout

  • Publishing Process – we go behind the scenes on exploring how the ideas that come from their imaginations can be turned into a real book, how the book is printed, etc.

  • Website Fun – sharing photos and videos

  • Questions – genre, first or third person, descriptive words, paragraph structure, sentence flow

  • Student Questions

At the end of the day, Marla really wants the kids taking away the message to, “Never give up and always follow their dreams.” Hearing positive words of encouragement is what inspires children to do their best in every area of their life. Marla would love to visit your school and share this message along with her presentation and the exciting Mom’s Big Catch journey!

The Sadie’s Big Steal story and presentation takes on its own positive message from a surprising perspective and new angle on anti-bullying as Marla teaches students the importance of showing kindness to our friends and our animal friends. The best way to make a friend is to be a friend. Show respect. Follow your intuition. Always believe in yourself. One kind word can change everything!